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East End Hospice Turns Bereavement Support Group Toward COVID-19

In my 10 years of reporting, this is one of the most heartbreaking stories I have ever experienced.

I cried over and over again writing it. My editor cried reading it.

As I’ve learned, the bereavement and trauma coming out of the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented, but the stories of loss are eerily similar, marked by a sudden illness and a rapid decline — their family and friends left behind in the chaos.

To Maribeth Edmonds, and Lauren and Eileen Weinclawski, the way in which you shared your stories, with such raw honesty and openness, was staggering. You will help others understand the weight of this pandemic, opening their eyes and hearts to a world that is impossible to understand — unless you’ve lived it.

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Ancient Sport of Falconry Takes Flight

Practiced for almost 4,000 years — and once known as “the sport of kings” — falconry is far from a hobby. It involves using a wild hawk, eagle or falcon to hunt, return prey back to its master, and then accept a return to captivity. Many consider it an art form, one that requires dedication, finesse, intricacy and skill, not to mention long hours.

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