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A North Fork Farm Is Bringing Hemp To Market

As the last days of summer beckoned crisp Autumn, Ken Jurow immersed himself in his Aquebogue fields, his hands gingerly picking mature hemp flowers, his eyes toward the skies.

One bad hurricane could destroy it all — 12 acres of his first-ever cannabis crop, the future product line to come from it, the realization of a longtime dream.

It was a race against time. But the master grower had science, and family, on his side.

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Chalk and the Art of Letting Go with Kara Hoblin

Through chalk, Kara Hoblin learned one of the most important lessons that life has to offer: the necessity of letting go. As an artist, that means letting go of her work. As a lover, to let go of heartache. And as a human, to let go of loss, insecurity, hate and pain.

But it doesn’t mean throwing them away, she emphasizes. It simply means letting life be — while growing through the shadows and emerging into the light.

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