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The East Hampton Press Person of the Year: Hugh King

Hugh King is a man of many faces.

On the surface, he is a historian, an actor, a teacher and an avid baseball fan — with an entire room in his Amagansett home dedicated to the sport. He is a husband and a caregiver, a trusted colleague, and a friend to so many across the East End and beyond.

At age 80, he is firm, yet gentle and kind, vibrant and welcoming. He is steadfast in his opinions, but always eager to listen. His wit and effortless humor shine through while challenging the status quo, and even though he loves history, he never stagnates nor lives in the past — always striving to be better.

This is why Hugh King is The East Hampton Press’s Person of the Year for 2021.

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The East Hampton Press Person Of The Year: Holly Wheaton

Holly Wheaton does not own a single little black dress or power suit. Those days are long behind her.

More than two decades ago, the Springs native traded in her sleek Chicago wardrobe for flannel shirts, blue jeans and work boots when she moved back home to join the ranks of the Springs Food Pantry that her mother, Betty Reichart, had started in 1992 — a time when feeding over 200 families was unimaginable.

But that is precisely what Ms. Wheaton faces today.

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